Experts in Communication

You are unique: your company, your vessel, your crew, your guests, your routes, your plans, your wishes, … they should all converge to a solution specifically designed for you without trying to break the bank or having to stand on the upper deck with an antenna in your hand to catch the harbour’s WiFi.

There is quite a bit of technology available and we aspire to make it as accessible and efficient as possible. Whether you are a seasoned communication professional or satellite communication is not your forte you can access our broad communication portfolio and we will find the right solution with you.

This is wat we do, this is what we love to do.

Sector Expertise


Maritime Connectivity comes in many shapes and sizes, from hand held Iridium satphones to large C-Band VSAT terminals. 


Remote industrial sites rely on operation-critical comms for their daily operations in locations without datalinks.


As cloud becomes ubiquitous your connections become ultra-important to keep on-site and off-site staff working.


Public Safety, Disaster Relief and Defence need the best communication services available, at any time.

News Updates

Why is my satellite internet connection so slow ?… or is it ? If you are used to thousands of megabits of data flowing through your internet connection at home or at the office chances are you are going to find satellite internet extremely slow. As you might know satellite communication is expensive … very very very expensive and depending on the data …
Flat panel antennas are the futureTraditional satellite technology has been unable to crack the land mobility market in part simply due to its size. Smaller vehicles that are not capable of transporting bulky antenna equipment on the go — such as RVs, passenger trains, and cars — make up a large share of the land mobility market. Flat-panel antennas eliminate …
Fleet-Wide Communication MonitoringEverything you always wanted to know about your data connections but were afraid to ask your IT department. If you are like us, then you care deeply about what is going on with your (expensive) network connection and you want to know if you are getting the service you require. Satmarin has been working with …

About us

Satmarin is a global satellite TV and satellite internet service provider specialized in delivering turn key state of the art solutions for the maritime commercial, offshore and leisure market.

We work in close relation with you to offer our expertise in the design and implementation of Maritime Satellite TV and regional or global Internet connections.

Exoflux is the terrestrial equivalent of Satmarin, specialized in fixed satellite connectivity, satellite news gathering, 3G/LTE, WiMax and a wide range of other communication solutions.

Exoflux is specialized in Enterprise, Industry and Governmental solutions which require state-of-the-art robust (hybrid) communications .

As an expert in the field we have operational relationships with the major satellite owners, teleports, datacenters and service providers globally and will always offer you the best solution and rate available.

Whichever your requirements are our goal is to inform you as completely as possible about the different possibilities and which technology would fit your needs.

Being properly informed on the available technologies, real costs and actual performance is what matters most to us.  Satmarin is here to help you design and implement the right solution for your application.  Be it a USB dongle or your own satellite.