Satmarin is a global satellite VSAT and TVRO service provider specialized in delivering turn key state-of-the-art solutions for the maritime commercial, offshore and leisure market.

We work in close relation with you to offer our expertise in the design and implementation of Maritime Satellite TV and regional or global Internet connections.

Exoflux is the terrestrial equivalent of Satmarin, specialized in CotM/SoTM (Communication on the Move/Satellite on the Move),  news gathering, 3G/LTE aggregation and a wide range of other communication solutions.

Exoflux is specialized in Enterprise, Industry and Governmental solutions which require state-of-the-art robust hybrid communications.

As an expert in the field we have operational relationships with the major satellite owners, teleports, datacenters and service providers globally and will always offer you the best solution and rate available.

Whichever your requirements are our goal is to inform you as completely as possible about the different possibilities and which technology would fit your needs.

Experts in Mobile Communication

You are unique: your company, your vessel, your crew, your guests, your routes, your plans, your wishes, … they should all converge to a solution specifically designed for you without trying to break the bank or having to stand on the upper deck with an antenna in your hand to catch the harbour’s WiFi.

There is quite a bit of technology available and we aspire to make it as accessible and efficient as possible. Whether you are a seasoned communication professional or satellite communication is not your forte you can access our broad communication portfolio and we will find the right solution with you.

Latest News

Intellian C700 maritime terminal Intellian is pleased to announce the release of the C700, the most powerful Iridium Certus maritime terminal. The Intellian C700 maritime terminal utilizes the Iridium network of 66 Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, providing truly global (pole-to-pole) communication. Using the Iridium Certus service, the C700 provides three independent high-quality voice lines with low latency. With its …
Intellian v240MT now available in Brazil According to Brazilian Regulation (Federal Law 9472/97), telecommunication products to be sold and used in Brazil must have a Certificate of Conformity issued by a Designated Certification Body (OCD), indicating that they comply with Brazilian regulatory requirements. This certificate must also be approved by ANATEL. The certification of the v240MT now enables sales in Brazil. …
iSwitch for iDirect X3, X5 & X7 Evolution Satmarin Exoflux is happy to launch its new VSAT pocket tool, iSwitch, an iDirect X-Series link status indicator and beam switcher. You can download it from Google Play Currently available for Android, iSwitch will allow you to view all vitals of your satellite connection instantly, whether you are on- or off-site (network access required). No need …