As you spend more time on your yacht and have more guests on board your requirements for internet connection and Audio Video will increase. The communication and entertainment systems need to be up to par with the high quality and esthetic design of your yacht and accommmodate all the newest features available.

Apart from a reliable and fast internet connection you will be able to enjoy the latest news, sports and entertainment programs on every Television on board, without having to miss a single event.

If you are sailing in a region where your favourite TV stations cannot be received by satellite. You can have it streamed through your data connection and have all the channels you are used to as if you were at home


  • 60-100cm Antenna depending on the available space on your yacht.
  • Receive all satellite signals in your region.
  • Radio and TV Channels, including High Definition Channels
  • on one or more Televisions at the same time.

Satellite Internet

  • Always on Internet at all time. High Performance broadband connectivity with speeds up to 20 Mbps.
  • Unlimited Data use with each flat fee subscription
  • Fixed communications costs so you never have to worry about bill shock.
  • Managed Voice and Data services for Crew and Passengers.

Applications: Internet connectivity, Telephony, TV reception
Coverage: Regional coverage VSAT and TV