Hyper-G Mobile

Cellular Superpower in a single device

The Hyper-G Series deliver unparalleled mobile 3G/4G/5G connectivity and value. Its technical capabilities make it ideal for both  operations and crew welfare services. It’s easy to install and comes pre configured to your requirements.

The Hyper-G maritime cellular terminal  will guarantee you an as stable and as distant data connection as possible.. To achieve this the Hyper-G has been designed to gain as much signal as possible and to reduce signal loss to the bare minimum.

No signal loss due to long cables between antenna and modem

While antennas are usually mounted high up a mast we often discover the actual cellular router to be below deck.  As this makes access to the cellular router easier it also adds in cabling between the cellular router and the actual antenna. The benefit (gain) of the antenna is then often lost due to the attenuation (signal loss) of the longer cables. This results in poorer reception, lower speeds, higher latency and diminished range.

At Satmarin Exoflux we put the cellular modem as close as possible to the antennas and are able to achieve minimal signal loss and increased stability, gain, speed and distance.

But there’s more …

Directional Antennas

A totally innovative concept was to use directional antennas instead of omnidirectional antennas. This brings several major improvements to achievable range and bandwidth.

Omnidirectional antennas radiate like a donut (see our article on why donuts are no good at sea for more detail) and the more powerful the omnidirectional antenna, the flatter the donut will be. This causes several problems.

  • Inclination of the ship/antenna will, due to its narrow beamwidth under- or overshoot the Cellular Tower when at sea and experiencing motion (e.g. a Gain of 8 dBi has a vertical beamwidth of 14.26°, which is approximately 7° up and 7° down).
  • Equally, vessels in very calm water like rivers or lakes, will not be able to optimally communicate with Cellular Towers which have been positioned on a hill or mountain.
Limited or unstable connection with omnidirectional antennas
  • Using less powerful omnidirectional antennas will, while they have greater beamwidth, not be able to send an as powerful signal to the Cellular Tower with degraded communication or no communication as a result.
  • Directional antennas do overcome the above due to their high power capability while maintaining high vertical beamwidth (60-70° depending on the frequency). This allows to overcome all the issues above and achieve the best possible connection.
Greater beamwidth for better throughput and coverage with Hyper-G

Multiple antennas and modems

To achieve optimal connectivity without outages the Hyper-G is equipped with an array of directional antennas for seamless 360° coverage but it also allows the simultaneous use of multiple modems resulting in higher and more stable throughput.

An additional benefit of directional antennas is that it will connect to the best possible Cellular Tower within its 60° sweet spot. This prevents having your own cellular modem compete with eacht other for bandwidth on the same Cellular Tower.

The combination of Directional Antennas and multiple modems is a drastic improvement over omnidirectional antennas especially when transmitting/uploading data at high speed is required.

Bonded and Balanced

Hyper-G units come in a bonded or balanced version. Depending on your requirements: unbreakable connectivity, single session / large file transfers you can choose between a bonded solution which will combine all modems to a single and more stable connection, or a load balanced version that will distribute the available connections to your devices individually

Technical Specifications


  • 36 Custom designed high gain antennas outperforming any omnidirectional solution available on the market
  • Wide elevation for long distance performance on moving vessels
  • Selects up to 6 individual LTE connections based on performance and availability
  • Available in LTE, LTE-A and LTE-A-Pro version
  • No signal loss due to long RF cable runs
  • Single coaxial or Power / Data connection


  • Fully pre-configured unit includes activated SIM cards
  • No on board configuration required.
  • Drop in solution when replacing existing coax based systems
  • Customized configuration available Remote performance monitoring


  • CAT 4, CAT 6, CAT 11, CAT 18 combinations
  • Regional
  • Global


  • Single Coax (up to 1 Gbps)
  • Power + RJ45 (1 Gbps up to 2.5 Gbps)
  • Power + Fibre (> 2.5 Gbps)


  • Load balanced
  • Bonded


  • Desktop
  • Rack Mounted


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