on the Move

In today’s fast-paced and technologically driven world, staying connected and secure is more critical than ever.

Satmarin stands at the forefront of this imperative, offering a comprehensive suite of services that encompass Mobile Connectivity & IT Services and Remote Management & Support.

We understand that each of these areas plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of modern businesses and lifestyles, and our dedication to excellence in each sector has positioned us as a leader in the field.

Iridium Certus

In LEO orbit you will find Iridium Certus which has been a beacon for many years in connecting people Pole to Pole. Our partnership with Iridium allows us to offer unique satellite communication solutions that cover the entire globe, including the polar regions.

Iridium’s network is indispensable for delivering communication solutions in the most remote and challenging environments, ensuring connectivity no matter where the operation is located.

4G & 5G

Today we embrace the latest in mobile technology with our LTE 4G/5G services. This offering to connect people and devices at unprecedented speeds and reliability.

Whether it’s for urban settings or extending coverage to rural areas or beyond, our 4G/5G solutions ensure that everyone stays connected with the fastest and most advanced wireless technology available.

With all the connection options above you will certainly find a solution that fits your challenge, Managing the connectivity is the other important aspect of data communication; Not paying enough attention to your links will quickly lead to congested solutions, slow reaction times, consumed data bundles … and lots of frustration as to why it isn’t working.

Leisure and Entertainment

Satellite TV

Our TVRO Satellite Services cater to both regional and global needs, offering a wide range of channels and content.

This service is perfect for users seeking high-quality satellite television reception, providing an array of entertainment options that suit diverse preferences.

IP Streaming

IP Streaming is another key area in our Leisure and Entertainment portfolio. We offer cutting-edge streaming solutions that enable users to access a vast array of content over the internet.

Our services are designed for seamless, high-quality streaming experiences, catering to the growing demand for online content consumption.


Head-Ends technology is an integral part of our service offerings, forming the backbone of content distribution networks.

We specialize in the installation and management of head-end systems that aggregate, process, and distribute TV and other multimedia content, ensuring efficient and reliable delivery to end-users.