High Availability

High availability can be achieved in several ways. By duplicating your existing infrastructure or by creating a hybrid resilient infrastructure with all available connections.

Truly reliable broadband

Whenever a truly reliable broadband connection is needed, conventional service provider offerings are inapplicable at all or at least too narrowly considered.

This is the reason why many customers often don’t get the availability, reach, security, and bandwidth they need – especially when different kinds of application have to be covered by only one connectivity solution.


Today’s business applications require 100% uptime driven by cloud computing, machine-to-machine interaction, voice and video communications and the digital transformation of nearly all business processes. 

Business customers often rely on one service provider offering with a given service level agreement which determines bandwidth, availability, and reach.

Unfortunately, like in real life one size doesn’t fit all business requirements.

This is where WAN bonding technology comes in. It enables connectivity in order to deliver a resilient communication infrastructure which our customers are using to deploy different applications.


Several solution can be implemented to build the foundation for many of the above application scenarios.

You will be able to achieve close to 100% uptime with close to 0% packet loss by mixing and matching different technologies and service providers.

This enables you to deliver new applications which were previously unthought of or were not possible due to the restrictions of specific technologies and service providers.

This solution enables you to achieve high availability, bandwidth and reach where you need it.


There are several common ways to achieve high availability, from redundant on-premise equipment to combining WAN connections of different providers.

When determining reliability it should be taken into consideration at which geographical scale this should remain operational. City-wide landlines are most likely to fail in case of local power outages (do you have emergency power supply, and how long will it last) and be of little use. Cellular may be available a bit longer depending on their local power infrastructure.

Assuming you have power to operate your on premise equipment the next connectivity option would be satellite. Preferably global operators with satellites and teleports outside of your region. Preferably capable of automatically routing through geographically dispersed gateways.

The Next Step

For a more in-depth discussion on how to set up a reliable and redundant data-communication let us know what your requirements are and we will explore the possibilities together.

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