Merchant Shipping

New Communication at Sea

in a New Era of Commercial Shipping Connectivity

The evolution of communication technology has brought about a significant shift in how operations are managed and how crew members interact with the world beyond the sea. Gone are the days when a single PC connected to an L-Band service sufficed for operational emails.

There’s an urgent need to cater to the entire crew with a range of communication technologies to ensure the highest throughput and availability. Addressing this need, we delve into the latest solutions and technologies in maritime communication, focusing on how these advancements are reshaping life and work at sea.

Competitive Quality

for Operational Efficiency

Satmarin’s global recognition stems from its ability to provide quality and competitive products that are essential for key ship operations. These include engine monitoring and vessel management, backed by up-to-date environmental information like weather conditions and sea states.

This is critical in a sector where operational efficiency and safety are paramount.

Hybrid Cellular and Satellite

enbracing flexibility

The complete range of Satmarin’s cellular 4G & 5G and VSAT solutions, varying in sizes from 60cm to 2.4m, offers a broad choice for installation and data capacity in LEO, GEO and MEO.

This includes advanced modems capable of 4G and 5G connections and both omnidirectional and directional MiMo antennas. Such versatility is key in meeting the varied communication needs of merchant vessels.

Streamlined Installation

A One-Stop Solution

Satmarin simplifies the installation process with pre-configured rack configurations, requiring only power and a single cable connection. This ease of installation not only accelerates the setup process but also significantly reduces costs associated with installation and maintenance.

The use of a single cable solution for VSAT antennas or external cellular routers with directly connected antennas minimizes cable loss and additional expenses. This streamlined approach represents a major step forward in maritime communication technology, making it more accessible and efficient for ship operators.

Future-Proof Technology

A Long-Term Investment

In an industry that is constantly evolving, we ensure that all systems for merchant shipping are designed with future compatibility in mind. This foresight includes new networks and satellite constellations, guaranteeing that investments in technology remain relevant and effective in the long run.

This aspect of our technology is crucial for commercial shipping companies looking to make sustainable and forward-thinking investments in their communication infrastructure.

Applications and Connection

for operational efficiency

Our solutions encompass a wide array of applications, including 3G/4G/5G cellular internet, regional and global satellite internet, satellite TV, and various other maritime-specific services. The connectivity options are extensive, covering EU and global SIM cards, ensuring seamless communication regardless of the vessel’s location.

This comprehensive coverage is essential for maintaining constant communication and operational efficiency in the global scope of maritime activities.

Addressing Potential Challenges and Solutions

One of the primary challenges in implementing these advanced communication technologies is ensuring compatibility with existing infrastructure on ships. We address this by offering customizable solutions that can be integrated with various ship systems.

Another challenge is the cost associated with upgrading to these advanced systems. We mitigate this through its focus on low total cost of ownership, ensuring that the long-term benefits outweigh the initial investment.

Additionally, the rapid pace of technological advancement can make some ship operators hesitant to invest in new systems. However, Satmarin’s commitment to future-proof technology means that investments made today will continue to yield benefits as technology evolves. This aspect is particularly important for maintaining a competitive edge in the fast-paced world of commercial shipping.

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