Merchant Shipping

Gone are the days of a single PC connected to an L-Band service allowing you to send short emails from the bridge and only for operational purposes.  Today the communication infrastructure on board needs to cater to the whole crew and simultaneously uses a variety of communication technologies to achieve highest throughput and availability.

Connectivity is felt as being the most obvious and simple answer to ensure that seafarers are able to cope with boredom and loneliness. WiFi, it is often stated, makes life at sea “easier”. There are even seafarers willing to leave jobs or to refuse to join vessels where internet access or calls are not provided, the younger generation certainly does.

Customized Solutions

Satmarin is the optimal choice for data communication solutions for commercial vessels, such as cargo and container ships. We consistently satisfy industry demands for lowest total cost of ownership, making Satmarin Solutions the best option for this sector.

Our maritime satellite communications antennas support high throughput bandwidth, ensuring stable data communications, Internet access and voice services at sea. Our product line, supports Ka-, Ku- and C-band, has been developed to allow customized solutions supporting varied requirements, such as ship size and data capacity.

Competitive Quality

Recognized for quality and competitiveness by ship owners in the US, Europe and Asia, our products support key ship operations by providing essential data communications to efficiently manage operational information, such as engine monitoring and vessel management.

Our products enable access to up-to-date environmental information, such as weather conditions and sea states. We are leading the rapid development of maritime satellite communications and helping to provide seamless communications services to global ship operators.

Merchant marine relies on global communication that Satmarin is able to deliver with a comprehensive range of maritime cellular and VSAT solutions. Providing stable data and voice communication now and into the future with a full range of Terrestrial, GEO and NGSO systems.

Complete Range of Cellular and VSAT solutions

Sizes from 60cm to 2.4m provide a greater choice for installation and data capacity.
Cellular modems and antennas with 4G and 5G capable modems and omnidirectional as well as directional MiMo antennas.

One-Stop Shop

Make installing your next communication a breeze with our pre-configured rack configurations requiring only power and a single cable to the cellular or VSAT antenna of your choice

Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Easier installations lead to lower costs for installation and maintenance using a single cable solution for your VSAT antenna or external cellular routers with directly connected antennas to avoid cable loss and cost.


All our systems for merchant shipping are designed for future compatibility with new networks and satellite constellations. Ensuring your investment in technology is long term.