Non-Real Time Bandwidth Calculator

Real-time vs Non-real-time: Not all internet traffic is real time. Email and large files, while they can be urgent, do not depend on how fast they are delivered. Whether fast or slow the entire file or message will not be affected.


non-real-time traffic (data-files, email, offline content) will use the available bandwidth to transfer data as fast as possible but whether the connection is fast or slow it will only affect the duration to transfer the file. This may however become important for transferring very large files within a certain timeframe so it is important to keep this in mind (especially uploading).

Size 0
Max. Time 0
Minimum Kbps BandwidthNo Data

Above is based on having uninterrupted total capacity of the bandwidth required. In real-life-situations you will have to keep into account other users using a part of the total bandwidth, interference and weather influencing maximum throughput, TCP overhead, transmission interruptions and other negative factors, in the calculations below we have taken a 10% overhead into account but this could be higher