The introduction of broadband to oil platforms located in some of the most remote areas of the world has been extremely important and having unlimited communication has become a de facto standard. Satellite communication has been delivering a constant information flow to and from drilling platforms and oil rigs allowing them to become more efficient.

The rates for satellite broadband services via satellite have decreased to the point where they are now affordable and cost-effective. If you think there is need for satellite communication or room for improvement then contact a Satmarin Expert today.

In a relentless effort to offer the latest technologies at reasonable cost Satmarin has supplied several of its customers in the Oil & Gas industry with reliable data communication solutions. As a specialist in ‘all things satellite’ we also provide complete TV Systems whether you are in need of a new installation or if you would like to upgrade your existing infrastructure.

Satmarin has managed to increase Operational Efficiency through optimized data communication as well as improving Crew Welfare with Video on Demand, Hundreds of Satellite TV channels and Multimedia applications