Energy and Offshore

Reliable onshore and offshore communications

From drilling rigs to solar farms, and processing vessels to pipelines – they all need connectivity. With a range of cellular, VSAT, L-band or TV products suited for all environments that can connect to your terrestrial or satellite network of choice, we’ve got a solution for you. We can help you determine what’s best for your connectivity needs, to help maximise operational efficiency.

When you’re investing in energy solutions you need to ensure it’s future-proof and aligned with your connectivity strategy. With Satmarin, you’re getting the best investment you can as reliability is our top priority. We engineer and build every solution to withstand the harsh environments of your industry to ensure consistent communication – peace of mind that your product will work day after day, year after year no matter where you are in the world.

Increase Operational Efficiency through optimized data communication as well as Crew Welfare with Video on Demand, Hundreds of Satellite TV channels and Multimedia applications.

Not all ships are alike and requirements will be greatly different. Let us guide you through the myriad of solutions available today

Work vessels need permanent internet connection for their day to day communication needs. These needs can often be met with cellular solutions but these have limited range. You now have the opportunity to enter the satellite broadband world at an affordable cost whilst providing the reliability and functionality expected of systems for large commercial and military vessels.


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