New 2024 Intellian E-Series

E-Series worldwide launch

Intellian is excited to announce the worldwide launch of our E-series line, including an innovative addition: the 8W Ku-band BUC model for the v60E and v100E antennas. Building on the success of our NX platform, known for its reliability, the E-series ensures swift and effective installations. Highlights include the user-friendly AptusNX control panel, a streamlined design, and a simple single coaxial cable connection. These features collectively decrease installation times significantly, facilitating a quicker setup process.

Standard features for all E-Series models include a 6W Ku-band BUC, with the enhanced 8W BUC now also available for the v60E and v100E, improving service availability, efficiency, and throughput.


  • All E-series models with the 6W BUC are available immediately.
  • The 8W Ku-band BUC will be available starting May 6th.

E-series ADU Key Features:

  • Compact and lightweight Ku-band VSAT antenna.
  • A competitive alternative to traditional 3-axis VSAT antennas.
  • Cross-polarization only system.
  • Single coaxial cable for power, RX/TX, and M&C.
  • Simplified installation and commissioning via the AptusNX wizard workflow.
  • Each unit is shipped in a protective carton on a pallet.
  • Features an AptusNX web-based dashboard and REST API for management and control.

Antenna System Pricing:

  • VE-60-E1YN: v60E, NJRC Ku-band 6W BUC, Universal VSAT LNB – $26,000
  • VE-60-E1BN: v60E, RevGo Ku-band 8W BUC, Universal VSAT LNB – $27,000
  • VE-80-E1YN: v80E, NJRC Ku-band 6W BUC, Universal VSAT LNB – $33,000
  • VE-11-E1YN: v100E, NJRC Ku-band 6W BUC, Universal VSAT LNB – $36,000
  • VE-11-E1BN: v100E, RevGo Ku-band 8W BUC, Universal VSAT LNB – $37,000

Contact us for your pricing.

Product Availability:

  • All new models will be available from May 6th, 2024.

Datasheets for Intellian E-Series:

For additional information and detailed specifications, please refer to the datasheets available for download:

We look forward to supporting your satellite communication needs with our latest technological advancements.

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