Peplink + Starlink = Steplink

Businesses, especially those in mobile, maritime, and remote locations, often find themselves grappling with unreliable, slow, and expensive internet services. This struggle directly impacts their operations and customer experiences. But a groundbreaking announcement from Peplink might just be the solution they’ve been waiting for.

On January 16, 2024, Peplink entered a significant agreement with SpaceX’s Starlink, marking a new era in satellite internet services. This partnership, turning Peplink into an Authorized Technology Provider for Starlink, promises to tackle the three big challenges of cost, speed, and reliability head-on.

Here’s the deal: combining Starlink’s Flat High Performance terminal with Peplink’s SD-WAN routers. This integration is a game-changer. Imagine having access to affordable, fast, and reliable Internet bandwidth globally, without the usual geographical constraints. It’s like having your own portable super-highway of data, accessible anywhere.

Alex Chan, CEO of Peplink, couldn’t have put it better: “Our combined solution gives any business access to affordable, fast, and reliable Internet bandwidth globally.” It’s a bold statement, but the results are already speaking for themselves.

Take the cruise industry, for example. Previously plagued by poor internet, a recent deployment of Peplink’s multi-link aggregation routers, coupled with multiple Starlink terminals, has transformed the on-board experience. The result? Internet speeds over 1Gbps, a significant operational cost reduction, and, most importantly, happy passengers staying connected even in the middle of the ocean.

Samuel (Chad) Gibbs IV from Starlink shares this enthusiasm, highlighting the seamless internet connectivity now possible on cruise ships, thanks to this alliance. It’s not just about speed and cost; it’s about making the impossible, possible.

The real magic lies in the Peplink router’s ability to combine multiple Starlink units, meeting even the most demanding bandwidth requirements. Imagine a single Starlink offering more than 220 Mbps download and 25 Mbps upload speeds.

It’s breaking down barriers, reaching new markets, and creating experiences that were once thought impossible.

P.S. Can you imagine your business going global with this tech? Yes or No?

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