The XEO Series Dual-Band Terminals

Intellian XEO Series

The XEO Series Dual-Band Terminals

Imagine being out at sea, where the vast blue surrounds you, and staying connected feels more like a dream than reality.

The XEO Series emerges as a beacon of innovation in this scenario, transforming maritime communication. This cutting-edge dual-band VSAT solution flips the script on connectivity challenges, allowing seamless electronic switching between Ku-band and Ka-band with a mere button press.

It’s designed for those who refuse to compromise on performance, versatility, and the high bandwidth demands of today’s digital world.

Introducing the XEO Series

A Leap Forward

The XEO Series stands out as the world’s first commercially available Ka/Ku-band electronically switchable, multi-orbit antennas.

With models like the X100D, X130D, x130D PM, and x150D, it promises a new era of maritime connectivity. The dual-band capability not only minimizes redundancies but also enhances resilience, ensuring you’re always connected, regardless of the satellite network service in use.

A Closer Look at Key Features

The hallmark of the XEO Series is its dual-band, dual-polarization capability, effortlessly toggling between Ka-band for high-volume traffic and Ku-band to bridge coverage gaps.

This adaptability is vital for maritime operations, where weather conditions can change at the drop of a hat. The compact design, integrating a Ka-band transceiver, simplifies the RF design, making it a sleek yet powerful solution.

Its electronic switching function for band and polarization adjustments, alongside future-proof multi-orbit tracking capabilities, places the XEO Series in a league of its own.

Empowering the Maritime Sector

The introduction of the XEO Series is set to redefine connectivity standards across various market sectors in the maritime industry.

By offering uninterrupted access to satellite networks through its sophisticated design and technology, it caters to a broad spectrum of needs, from commercial shipping to luxury yachts, and from offshore operations to naval fleets.

The promise of high-performance, versatile, and resilient communication is no longer just a goal; it’s a reality with the XEO Series.

A New Horizon of Connectivity

The XEO Series represents a monumental leap in maritime communication technology. By bridging the gap between high-traffic bandwidth demands and the inevitable coverage gaps at sea, it ensures that staying connected is no longer a luxury but a given.

The dual-band, electronically switchable, multi-orbit capabilities of the XEO Series not only future-proof maritime communication but also open up a world of possibilities for seamless, global connectivity.

Harness the Power of Unmatched Connectivity

Embrace the future of maritime communication with the XEO Series. Let the open sea bring opportunities, not limitations, and become a pioneer in leveraging the highest standards of connectivity. It’s not just about staying connected; it’s about unlocking new potentials and charting courses to unexplored territories with confidence and resilience.

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