Intellian OW Series

Intellian’s OneWeb Parabolic Terminals: A Technological Leap Forward

Breaking Down Barriers: The OW Series

Intellian’s latest accomplishment, the Eutelsat OneWeb Type Approval for its OW70L Primary-Primary and OW130L Primary-Secondary terminals, marks a significant milestone. These terminals complete the OW Series – a range of parabolic antennas designed for diverse applications. But what sets these terminals apart?

The OW70L is a marvel of adaptability and urban performance, skillfully overcoming signal blockages, a common urban challenge, and boasts an impressive 200m antenna separation capability. On the other hand, the OW130L, with its 125 cm reflector, is a powerhouse designed for defense, emergency services, and cellular backhaul, ensuring unwavering connectivity even in harsh weather conditions.

Enterprise and Maritime Solutions: Meeting Critical Communication Needs

Intellian’s Enterprise and Maritime terminals are more than just hardware. They are the backbone of reliable and resilient communication, especially in critical scenarios. Delivering Eutelsat OneWeb’s Committed Information Rate (CIR), these terminals guarantee consistent performance, essential for sectors where communication can mean the difference between success and failure.

The OneWeb Parabolic Terminal Features: A Closer Look

  • Uninterrupted Connectivity: Seamless handover between Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites ensures continuous communication.
  • High-Speed, Low Latency Links: Catering to the demands of the modern digital world.
  • Extreme Weather Performance: Guaranteed functionality, even in the coldest temperatures.
  • User-Friendly Design: A simple one-cable interface integrates both modem and power supply.
  • Innovative Blockage Mitigation: Overcoming physical obstructions for clear signal paths.
  • Keyhole Avoidance: A design that cleverly navigates around common signal interference issues.

OneWeb Parabolic Terminal Specifications: A Technical Overview

Delving into the specifications, we find a range of user terminals, each uniquely designed for specific needs. From the OW50SL’s compact 53 cm dish to the OW130L’s formidable 125 cm reflector, there’s a solution for every scenario. Enhanced G/T ratios, expansive azimuth and elevation ranges, and thoughtful design elements like blockage mitigation feature across the series, catering to land and maritime needs alike.

Product Pricing: Investment in Future-Proof Technology

With prices ranging from $9,110 for the basic OW50SL to $44,000 for the high-end OW130L with a heating module, Intellian’s terminals represent a significant investment. However, it’s an investment in reliability, performance, and future-proof technology, essential in today’s fast-paced world.

Whether for a remote office, a maritime adventure, or critical field operations, Intellian’s terminals offer a promise – the promise of staying connected, no matter where you are.

Conclusion: Connecting the World, One Terminal at a Time

Intellian’s OneWeb Parabolic Terminals aren’t just products; they are enablers of a connected future. In a world where communication is key, these terminals are not just tools, but gateways to endless possibilities.

Land Fixed User Terminal

ItemsOW50SL OW70L P-SOW70L P-POW130L P-S
Dish Size53 cm73 cm73 cm125 cm
G/T9.3 dB/K12.2 dB/K12.2 dB/K18.2 dB/K
EIRP33.6 dBW /
20 MHz
(single carrier)
36.6 dBW /
40 MHz
(dual carrier)
33.6 dBW /
20 MHz ​​
(single carrier)
36.6 dBW /
40 MHz
(dual carrier)
33.6 dBW /
20 MHz
(single carrier)
39.9 dBW /
20 MHz
(single carrier)
42.9 dBW /
40 MHz
(dual carrier)
AZ range-90° to +90°-300° to +300°-300° to +300°-330° to +330°
EL range-59° to +59°-59° to +59°-59° to +59°-82° to +82°
CL rangeN/A-10° to +10°-10° to +10°-9° to +9°
Size (D x H)73.5 x 63.2 cm84.5 x 77 cm84.5 x 77 cm150 x 143 cm
Weight23 kg34 kg34 kg95 kg
Blockage mitigationNot supportedNot supportedSupportedNot supported

Maritime User Terminal

ItemsOW50M P-POW70M P-P
Dish Size53 cm73 cm
G/T9.3 dB/K12.2 dB/K
EIRP33.6 dBW / 20 MHz (single carrier)36.6 dBW / 40 MHz (dual carrier)
33.6 dBW / 20 MHz (single carrier)
AZ rangeUnlimited Unlimited 
EL range-80° to +80°-80° to +80°
CL range-30° to +30°-30° to +30°
Size (D x H)85.6 x 85 cm112.2 x 96 cm
Weight52 kg62 kg
Blockage mitigationSupportedSupported

Product Price

Land Fixed User Terminal

ProductsPart NumberDescriptionMSRP
OW50SL-DacPS-OW50SP-S2OW 9dB/K Single Dome User Terminal$9,110
OW50SLH-Dac PS-OW50SP-S2HOW 9dB/K Single Dome User Terminal with Heating Module$10,490
OW70L-DacPS-OW70P-S2OW 12dB/K Dual Dome (Primary-Second)
PS-OW70P includes
OW70LH-Dac PS-OW70P-S2HOW 12dB/K Dual Dome (Primary-Second) with Heating Module  
PS-OW70P-H includes
OW70L-RacPS-OW70PEOW 12dB/K Dual Dome (Primary-Primary)
PS-OW70PE includes
   2x PS-OW70PP
   1x OP-T1C0A (CNX-E)
OW70LH-Rac PS-OW70PE-HOW 12dB/K Dual Dome (Primary-Primary) with Heating Module  
PS-OW70PE-H includes
   2x PS-OW70PP-H
   1x OP-T1C0A (CNX-E)
OW70L-RdcPS-OW70PTOW 12dB/K Dual Dome (Primary-Primary)
PS-OW70PT includes
   2x PS-OW70PP
   1x OP-T1B0A (CNX-T)
OW70LH-Rdc PS-OW70PT-HOW 12dB/K Dual Dome (Primary-Primary) with Heating Module  
PS-OW70PT-H includes
   2x PS-OW70PP-H
   1x OP-T1B0A (CNX-T)
OW130L-DacPS-OW130P-S2OW 18dB/K Dual Dome (Primary-Second)
PS-OW130P-S2 includes
OW130LH-Dac PS-OW130P-S2HOW 18dB/K Dual Dome (Primary-Second) with Heating Module  
PS-OW130P-S2H includes

Maritime User Terminal

ProductsPart NumberDescriptionMSRP
OW50M-RacOS-OW50POW 9dB/K Maritime Dual Dome (Primary-Primary)
OS-OW50P includes
OS-OW50PP  x2
OP-T1C0A  x1
OW50MH-RacOS-OW50P-HOW 9dB/K Maritime Dual Dome (Primary-Primary)
OS-OW50P-H includes
OS-OW50PP-H  x2
OP-T1C0A  x1
OW70M-RacOS-OW70POW 12dB/K Maritime Dual Dome (Primary-Primary)
OS-OW70P includes
OS-OW70PP  x2
OP-T1C0A  x1
OW70MH-RacOS-OW70P-HOW 12dB/K Maritime Dual Dome (Primary-Primary)
OS-OW70P-H includes
OS-OW70PP-H  x2
OP-T1C0A  x1

*Typical product lead time: Please contact Sales for more detailed information.

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