Iridium Certus c700 Winter Edition

Intellian is pleased to announce that our C700 Iridium Certus terminal winterized version successfully received Type Approval by Iridium. The C700 winterized version is the first terminal that is certified by Iridium with its operational temperature range -50°C ~ +55°C which can endure in harsh cold weather regions. 

The C700 winterized version is designed to withstand extreme environments like polar regions by adding heating devices inside of the additional radome. The system consists of the C700 terminal, an outer radome (70cm in diameter x 72cm in height, Intellian i6 sized radome), a heater set including a thermostat, and a power break box as a standard.

The C700 system utilizes the Iridium Certus network of 66 Low-Earth Orbit(LEO) satellites, providing pole-to-pole communications with its unique 12-patch phased array antenna design. Now the data communication as well as the voice connection is more stable even in harshest ice-covered waters with the proven RF performance and environmental durability. 

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