Intellian v130NX

Intellian v130NX Product Release

Intellian is pleased to announce the release of the v130NX. The v130NX is the world’s first and only 1.25M Ku-Ka Dual-Band, GEO/MEO/LEO-ready maritime VSAT antenna system.

Based on the NX Platform, its operation and interface are common throughout the product family.

From a component perspective, there is a high degree of commonality, providing differentiated benefits such as lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), higher MTBF, the best RF performance, and AptusNX, Intellian’s intelligent antenna management platform.

In addition, the v130NX is the future-proof solution that supports any Ku or any Ka-band, and any orbit including MEO and LEO such as OneWeb and SES O3b mPower.

1.25M Ku/Ka Dual Band GEO/MEO/LEO Maritime VSAT Antenna

Product Features

  • 1.25M Ku-Ka Dual Band Antenna with high performance Ka-band Radome
  • Ku-to-Ka Convertible
  • GEO/MEO/LEO ready – Any Ku, Any Ka, Any Orbit
  • Enchanced Acquisition and Tracking Capability for NGSO satellite
  • Upgradable to support OneWeb
  • Single RF Cable Connection
  • All-In-One Below Deck Unit including an embedded Dual-Antenna Mediator
  • Easy Installation and Commissioning using the AptusNX software platform
  • Enhanced reliability and product warranty – 3 year parts and 2 year labor
  • Supports up to a 40W Ku BUC and a 50W wideband Ka BUC

As with all NX-series antenna systems, the v130NX has a single coaxial cable combining Tx, Rx, and DC power. This radically simplifies the installation process, which saves time and reduces costs. Its standardized modular components lower the total cost of ownership by streamlining on-board maintenance and by further increasing industry-leading reliability.

Intellian’s upgraded antenna management and control platform, the new AptusNX software, includes a revolutionary installation wizard with a step-by-step commissioning guide for easier setup. Its user-friendly automated functions minimize operators’ input for cable loss compensation, improve line-up testing, and support remote diagnosis for when alerts are sent for predictive maintenance.

Product Availability
• The v130NX is available now.
• The v130NX HP will be available in the end of March, 2020.
• Leadtime – 30 days.

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