At Satmarin we understand the importance of being connected at all times.  Even though a guaranteed 100% connectivity would be nearly impossible to achieve we can offer you our Integrated VSAT and Fleetbroadband / Iridium  / 3G packages adding even more value and availability which will offer you the highest levels of connectivity with as little downtime as possible.

Several options include:

  • Regional VSAT and Iridium
  • Regional VSAT and Fleetbroadband
  • Regional VSAT and 3G/LTE
  • Global VSAT and Iridium
  • Global VSAT and Fleetbroadband
  • Global VSAT and 3G/LTE
  • Dual Global and regional VSAT
  • Dual Global and regional VSAT with iridium

To discover which solution best fits your requirements and budget we can analyze the possibilities with you and come to the best possible solution.