There isn’t a giant single beam that covers the whole world, every global VSAT connection supplier will aggregate many individual satellite beams, combine them to a large footprint, and call it global.

Some will limit themselves to the major shipping lanes and have more capacity on these routes and others will have a more uniform global approach and aim to cover as large a geographical area as possible.  Which ever solution fits for you depends on how badly you require the connectivity. Can you afford being offline for a short while or do you REALLY need 100% full capacity connectivity.  It is a major question which has to be asked and answered in all honesty.  Yes, everyone wants 100% uptime guarantee (but it is just not going to happen), at least not with VSAT alone.

For many years Satmarin has been working with all the top tier Satellite providers of this world and depending on your requirements and budget we are certain that we have a solution that will fit your needs and your budget.

Our current Ku-Band offer covers all the regions shown in the picture above (Q2 2018) and we keep adding new beams to it to close the little gaps left.

All you need is a maritime stabilized antenna with a 1.0m parabolic dish, an 8W BUC (transmitter/amplifier), a universal LNB and an iDirect X5 or preferably X7 modem. This hardware above will allow you to seamslessly connect to the whole area above.

We can offer you all the benefits of a leading maritime satellite provider’s capacity and services as well as our custom made proposal that will fit you like a glove, at possibly a fraction of the price.