To be able to view satellite TV channels you will need:

  • a satellite dish, stabilized or not,
  • a cable to transport the satellite signal to the decoder
  • a decoder to translate the signals received by the antenna into a signal which your TV can understand via coax or HDMI.

If you have several TV units the satellite signal will need to be distributed to each of these TVs.  as the antenna has a limited amount of outputs (1-4) they will have to be distributed/split using additional equipment.

If each TV unit is equipped with its own Satellite TV Decoder then it is sufficient to use a combination of multiswitches to distribute the signal to each TV.  They will each have full control over all available channels but will each also need a subscription if pay TV channels are required.

When having a large amount of TVs and a limited amount of Pay TV channels it can be more interesting to usa a Digital TV Head end to first decrypt the required channels and then distribute the descrambled signal to teh individual TVs, thereby saving on monthly subscription costs.

For an detailed discussion of your requirements contact a Satmarin Expert.