Intellian t240CK T3-246AC

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WorldView Antennas for Global Performance

2.4m reflector sized antenna which offers simultaneous C-band and Ku-band reception

The t240CK is the world’s first antenna capable of receiving both HD and SD satellite TV services on C-band and Ku-band simultaneously from the same satellite. Intellian’s multi-band and multi-polarization WorldView LNB enables users to seamlessly tune in to any satellite TV service around the globe by simply pushing a button each time the vessel crosses into a different satellite service region.

With a 2.4m dish, Intellian t240CK is the latest addition to Intellian’s line of satellite TV antenna systems, capable of receiving C-band and Ku-band satellite signal simultaneously.

The t240CK supports C-band linear-polarized satellite receptions as well as multiband and multi-polarized Ku-band signal receptions by incorporating Intellian’s exclusive WorldView™ LNB module which allows boaters to seamlessly tune in any satellite TV services around the world without manually changing the LNB unit inside the antenna dome each time a vessel crosses into a different satellite service region.

Build on V240C’s rigorous pedestal design, the t240CK’s ultra-wide elevation angle (-15° to +120°) and unlimited azimuth design provides superb and  uninterrupted signal virtually anywhere you go, even in extremely low and high latitude regions.
In addition, the t240CK is exclusively designed to support viewing all Standard
Definition (SD) and HD programming broadcast through both DVB and the latest DVB-S2 satellite TV service standards.