Peplink Device Connector Rugged

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Device Connector Rugged

Vendor Neutral Wireless Bridge. Extends SpeedFusion to Wi-Fi
The Device Connector Rugged enables Ethernet devices to access wireless networks with unbreakable reliability. Using our signal bonding technology, Ethernet devices can connect using the combined bandwidth of 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency Wi-Fi in a single LAN connection. The Device Connector is compatible with any access point, so you can just drop it in and go – no network reconfiguration or device upgrades needed.

2.4 5GHz IndoorOutdoor Wireless Bridge

Use Cases: Industrial, Healthcare, Hospitality

SpeedFusion Between Wi-Fi and Landline

The Device Connector can combine a wired landline connection and a Wi-Fi connection. This configuration provides extra connection resilience and diversity: if one connection breaks, the other can still take over.

Consistent Wi-Fi Coverage & Reliable Connectivity


Easily extend Wi-Fi coverage in minutes with Pepwave’s Device Connector Rugged. The Device Connector gets your devices talking over a large area without wires or configuration headaches. And because it works transparently at Layer 2, the Device Connector is compatible with any access point.

Simultaneous Signals of 2.4GHz & 5GHz

The Device Connector Rugged delivers 2 streams of data over 2 Wi-Fi frequencies: 2.4GHz and 5GHz simultaneously, to the Ethernet port (LAN) for data transmission.

Advanced Roaming

Advanced Roaming lets your Device Connector Rugged seamlessly hop from AP to AP in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re commanding an emergency situation, coordinating a construction project, or keeping your warehouse stocked, Advanced Roaming keeps everyone communicating at all times.