Mission Microwave 1GHz Ka-band 25W BUC

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Mission Microwave Stinger Ka-band 25W BUC

Ka-Band 25 watt Stinger BUC

The 25 watt Ka-Band Stinger BUC transformed the Ka-band mobility market by offering 25 watts of Ka-band power in a 3.5lb package. The Ka- Band Stinger enabled a new class of lightweight high-throughput terminals for maritime, airborne and transportable SATCOM applications and is widely deployed on a range of commercial, industrial, and government terminals.


Model: Stinger-Ka-25 watt
Transmit Band: Ka
Rated Power: 25 watt, 44 dBm
Linear Power (single carrier spectral regrowth): 42 dBm
Linear Power (two tone intermodulation): 41 dBm
Options: Single Band 29-30GHz, Single Band 30-31 GHz, Dual Band
M&C: Ethernet via Mission GUI or SNMP V3, Serial
Status: Production
Configuration Options: M&C Interface, Color, Open BMIP

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