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Intellian v60E VE-60-E1YN

v60G 16W (X/Co-pol)

Intellian v60G is a 60cm Ku-band maritime VSAT antenna system with a compact radome design allowing for smaller vessels to fit the systems with space constraints. With its 3-axis stabilization platform, the v60G has superior tracking performance that is nearly equal to the 1 meter grade VSAT antenna system. The v60G can be configured for SCPC, broadband or hybrid satellite networks. It is suitable for high-speed Internet, weather & chart updates, email, file and image transfer, video conference, VoIP, VPNs and database backup. The v60G is designed and built to meet or exceed industry and military standards for vibration, shock and EMC to ensure greatest reliability in the harshest conditions at sea.

The v60G has an unlimited azimuth range for continuous tracking without unwrapping the cables in the antenna. The wide elevation range from -10° to 100° enables the v60G to have seamless signal reception while the vessel is traveling near the Equator or Polar Regions. With easiest installation design and most-user friendly interface you can find in the market, the v60G guarantees that you will have a whole new broadband experience at sea.

The v60G has a built-in GPS for fast satellite acquisition and auto polarization control for optimizing the signal strength of a linear polarization feed. The v60G provides always-on, uncompromised performance with the highest quality and reliability connections at sea. The v60 is the ultimate choice for mariners who are seeking a commercial grade broadband experience with a compact, robust and cost-effective solution.

  • Application: Data Communication
  • Radome Height: 83 cm
  • Radome Diameter: 78 cm
  • Parabola Diameter: 60 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Radome Material:
  • Axis: 3
  • Skew: Automatic
  • Elevation: -10 to +100 Deg.
  • Azimuth: Unlimited
  • RX Gain: 35,8 dBi
  • TX Gain: 38,1 dBi
  • ACU size: 1U
  • Gyro: NMEA / Synchro
  • Power: 100~240 V AC, 50~60 Hz
  • ACU Comm: 19200bps 8,N,1,EIA,RS-232C
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