Intellian v100NX incl. NJRC 8W Extended BUC & PLL LNB V5-11-U2JW

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Exploring maritime communication solutions, the v100NX stands out for its advanced technology designed to enhance connectivity at sea.

It integrates seamlessly with modern maritime operations, offering robust satellite communication capabilities.

With a focus on reliability and performance, this equipment promises to address the connectivity challenges faced by maritime vessels, ensuring efficient operations and safety across the world’s oceans.

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The Intellian v100NX is a state-of-the-art maritime VSAT antenna system designed for flexibility across Ku-, Ka-, and dual-band frequencies, with capabilities for future 2.5Ghz Ka-Wideband networks.

Its design facilitates easy conversion between bands, higher RF performance through upgrades, and is equipped with the new AptusNX software for enhanced management, diagnosis, and control.

This system is future-proof, ready to track GEO, MEO, and LEO satellite constellations, ensuring comprehensive coverage and connectivity for maritime operations in all future networks.

1M Ku- Ka- Dual Band GEO/MEO/LEO VSAT Terminal

Intellian v100NX is a Future proof Ku- to Ka-band convertible maritime VSAT antenna system supporting future 2.5Ghz Ka- Wideband networks with a tuned radome and reflector. The 100NX’s new operation platform enables GEO/MEO/LEO satellite tracking ensuring the antenna is ready for all future networks.

Future Proof GEO/MEO/LEO

The v100NX is designed with accurate satellite tracking performance with our proven tracking algorithm that covers GEO, MEO, and LEO constellations.

Quick and Easy Ku- to Ka-band Conversion

The v100NX can be easily converted from Ku- to Ka-band operation by changing the center-mounted RF assembly.

Higher RF Performance

The system comes standard with an 8W BUC and can be ordered with 16W or 25W BUC (Ku-band), or 5W and 10W BUC (Ka-band) variations.


New integrated management and control software AptusNX provides a responsive web user interface, intelligent antenna diagnosis and reporting for efficient and preventative maintenance.

Future Proof Design

  • Ku-band high power upgradeable
  • Ka-band convertible
  • GX service upgradeable
  • NGSO tracking performance

Enhanced AptusNX

  • Installation wizard provides step by step commissioning
  • Accurate and fully automated diagnosis
  • Enhanced remote monitoring and control
  • User friendly dashboard

Radome Dimension 145.8×137.9 cm (54.3×57.4 inch)
Reflector Diameter 105 cm (41.3 inch)
Antenna Weight 113 kg/ 249.1 lbs
TX Frequency 13.75~14.5GHz Ku-band
RX Frequency 10.7~12.75GHz Ku-band
TX Gain 42.0 dBi @ 14.25 GHz (excl. radome)
RX Gain 40.7dBi @ 11.7 GHz (excl.radome)
G/T >20.0 dB/K (min.)


Parabola Size

Frequency Band

BUC Power