The most cost effective and fastest solution will most likely be if the port where you are offers a high speed land based internet connection and shares this with the vessels in the port. Speeds will however depend on how many users are sharing the connection.

You can either connect your devices (smartphone, laptop or other wireless device) directly to the network or you can have your wireless router pick up the signal and relay it on board. The second solution has the advantage of only having to configure one device when changing ports.

High Speed Expert Solution

If you have a dedicated berth and office or appartment nearby with Line-Of-Sight between both then you can share your Fiber or Cable connection up to 10Gbps wirelessly with millimeter wave solutions which operate at a much higher frequency than regular WiFi, WiMax or 3G.  For more information see our 10Gbit Links

Port Wi-Fi

Wireless broadband connectivity that assures unmatched performance for port automation applications.

To maintain a competitive edge, port terminals are looking for better ways to improve productivity. Handling more freight than any other type of terminals combined, ports require a cost-efficient way to increase operational efficiency by using remote connectivity.

Port automation systems consist of intelligent solutions that allow continuous and smooth operations of cranes, automated vehicles, automated containers, remotely monitored Rubber Tyred Gantry cranes (RTGs), Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), Optical Character
Recognition (OCR) and more.

These systems transmit huge amounts of data in real time to the port control center, enabling port personnel to address and resolve operational issues in real-time, quickly and proactively.

Network solutions for sea ports

JET Point-to-MultiPoint beamforming solution:

  • Dual carrier – up to 1.5Gbps per sector / 6Gbps per site
  • Dynamic carrier selection – optimized throughput
  • Bi-directional beamforming antenna
  • Innovative air interface
  • Support 4.9- 6.0 GHz unlicensed bands
  • Guaranteed SLA
  • Nomadic Support
  • High packets-per-second (PPS) for VoIP and CCTV
  • Up to 90% uplink traffic transmission
  • Dynamic channel bandwidth selection (D-CBS)

RADWIN FiberinMotion® mobility solution

  • Up to 750Mbps
  • Up to 16 vehicles
  • Wide Area Coverage – up to 5 km
  • Multiband – 4.9 – 6.0 GHz
  • MiMo 3×3 /MiMo 2×2/ Diversity
  • Secured connectivity – AES128
  • High capacity Transportation Base Station (TBS) and Transportation Mobile Unit (TMU)

RADWIN Smart-Node all-in-one power and communication solution:

  • 5-Port gigabit PoE switch & SFP gigabit port
  • AC or DC input power options
  • Lithium-ion battery backup (UPS)
  • Unified power and networking management
  • Integration with IoT devices

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