Satmarin offers a wide range of maritime stabilized satellite antennas for VSAT and TVRO. We supply Ku, Ka, C, L and X Band models for all your requirements up to 2.4m whether commercial, industrial, leisure or military.

In addition to satellite antennas we do supply a full range of below deck equipment: modems, routers, firewalls, switches, wireless solutions, 3G/LTE long range, and more.

Some of our brands include

  • Maritime VSAT Antennas Ku-Band: Intellian, KNS, Sailor
  • Maritime VSAT Antennas Ka-Band: Intellian, KNS, Sailor
  • Maritime VSAT Antennas Ku/Ka-Band: Intellian, Sailor
  • Maritime VSAT Antennas C- Band: Cobham, Intellian, KNS
  • Maritime VSAT Antennas X-Band: KNS
  • Satellite On the Move: KNS
  • Maritime TVRO Ku Band: Intellian, KNS
  • Maritime TVRO Ku/Ka Band: Intellian
  • Maritime TVRO C-Band: Intellian
  • TV Head End and distribution: Spaun
  • Satellite Modems: iDirect, Newtec, UHP, Comtech EFData
  • Routing & Firewalls: Cisco, Palo Alto, Sophos/Cyberoam, Mikrotik, Fortinet
  • WiFi: Radwin, Siklu, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik
  • 3G/LTE: Viprinet, Exoflux, Mikrotik
  • Switching: Cisco, HP