v150NX Empty Dome & Baseplate Assembly

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v150NX Empty Dome & Baseplate Assembly

P/N V5-3101
Category Maritime Satcom
Series Spare

UPC Code 886310030186
Package Dimensions TBD
Package Weight TBD

HS Code [851779-4000] VSAT

$ 28.560

The v150NX Empty Dome & Baseplate Assembly stands as a beacon of innovation in maritime satcom technology.

The Challenge at Sea

Imagine navigating the relentless waves, where the only thing more unpredictable than the weather is the ability to maintain a constant communication link with the rest of the world. This is the problem mariners face daily.

The v150NX: A Closer Look

Priced at a commanding MSRP of $31,500, the v150NX’s empty radome and base plate is not just another piece of equipment; it’s an investment in unparalleled connectivity without which your satellite antenna would not be protected from teh harsh maritime environment.

V5-3101, this assembly is a vital component of maritime satcom systems. It’s designed to work seamlessly, offering a robust solution for vessels that require reliable communication links.

Specifications That Matter

  • Category: Maritime Satcom
  • Series: Spare
  • UPC Code: 886310030186
  • HS Code: [851779-4000] VSAT
  • ECCN Code: EAR99

While the package dimensions and weight remain to be determined (TBD), the essence of this product lies in its ability to integrate into the broader maritime satellite communication (VSAT) systems, ensuring that ships can communicate with ease, efficiency, and reliability.

Embrace the v150NX, embrace a world of seamless maritime communication.


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