Intellian v150NX Ka 50W


The World’s First & Only 1.5M Ku- to Ka-band Convertible VSAT Antenna

The v150NX is the world’s first and only Ku- to Ka-band convertible GEO/MEO/LEO-ready VSAT antenna system. This dual-band antenna can operate on Ku- and Ka- bands simply by switching the RF module, available as a conversion kit. The high performance radome is optimized for operation in both Ku- and Ka-band, supporting current and future satellite constellations.


Future Proof for GEO/MEO/LEO Satellite Tracking

Cooperating with satellite operators, MEO/LEO satellite tracking has already been proven with systems operating commercially.

High Power BUC Option

Supports up to a 200W Ku-band BUC or a 100W wideband Ka- BUC without the need for extra weight balancing and additional conversion components

Fiber Optic Connection

Regardless of cable run length, provides minimal signal loss and higher throughput performance.

Air-conditioner Base Frame as an Available Option

Cooling or Heating or both functions combined.
Cooling recommended on higher BUC power options to maintain optimum system health.

GEO/MEO/LEO Tracking

  • Hardware designed for to be compatible with GEO/MEO/LEO satellite tracking
  • Fast and accurate tracking performance
  • With a simple Software upgrade to operate on future MEO/LEO satellite networks
  • Mediator embedded in ACU for Satellite handover in a MEO or LEO network

The Highest Throughput

  • High performance with a universal pedestal design
  • Supports up to 200W (Ku-band) and 100W (Ka-band) BUCs
  • Expected throughputs can be 600+Mbps for Downlink & 300+Mbps for uplink


Radome Dimension 190×197 cm (74.8×77.6 inch)
Reflector Diameter 150cm (59.0 inch)
Antenna Weight 270 kg / 595 lbs
TX Frequency 13.75~14.5GHz Ku-band
RX Frequency 10.7~12.75GHz Ku-band
TX Gain 45.0 dBi @ 14.25 GHz (excl. radome)
RX Gain 43.5 @ 19.7 GHz (excl. radome)
G/T >22.5 dB/K (min.)



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