Kymeta Flat panel antennas are the future

Traditional satellite technology has been unable to crack the land mobility market in part simply due to its size. Smaller vehicles that are not capable of transporting bulky antenna equipment on the go — such as RVs, passenger trains, and cars — make up a large share of the land mobility market.

Flat-panel antennas eliminate this obstacle due to their simple form. For example, the Kymeta mTenna antenna subsystem module is a flat-panel Ku-band antenna that is small, lightweight, and has a low profile. Its compact size means it’s easy to install in a variety of previously inaccessible settings, such as on the top of a bus or a train.

The Kymeta mTenna has low power consumption and has no moving parts, making it even easier to install and maintain.

To truly capture the land mobility market however, flatpanel antennas must be able to maintain the same connectivity quality as more traditional satellites.

Although the Kymeta mTenna is much smaller than a traditional parabolic antenna, it’s still powerful. The flat-panel features electronically controlled pointing and polarization so a point-to-point connection can be easily established. It also features wide-angle scanning and excellent beam performance.

The mobility-everywhere solution

When users install the KyWay terminal they get a combination of a pioneering antenna and industry-leading VSAT mobility technology that offers customers distinct advantages, such as global NMS and tracking capabilities, automatic beam selection, and fast beam switching.

iDirect’s Quality of Service (QoS) bandwidth allocation algorithm allows service providers to guarantee service levels and set priorities for different traffic profile types. The KyWay terminal integrates mTenna flat-panel antenna technology with the proven iDirect X7 modem.

Ready to go … anywhere

The Kymeta mTenna terminal is attracting customers from all mobility markets around the world — such as on trains in Russia and buses in Turkey — due to its compact form factor, high-quality performance, and potential cost effectiveness.

The Kymeta mTenna is expected to do well with trains, buses, disaster response vehicles, and industrial worksites. For example, with the
Kymeta terminal, crews at remote agricultural, construction, or mining worksites can easily transmit geographical, operational, and tracking data to processing centres and keep in touch with headquarters.

Logistics companies looking to modernize their business might use flat-panel antenna technology to better track freight in real time as it crosses state lines, bringing greater efficiencies to the supply chain.

Flat-panel antennas affixed to regional coaches and trains will also allow passengers to enjoy the same benefits of broadband connectivity as their Wi-Fi network at home. Bus and train operators will be assured that they will maintain reliable internet access, even as they pass through mountainous areas or other regions not normally serviced by LTE or other cellular solutions.

Perhaps most importantly, use cases for the flat-panel technology extend to emergency and disaster response scenarios as well. In the case of a natural disaster, relief teams can affix a Kymeta mTenna to the roof of a ‘command center’ car in order to connect on the ground to request medical supplies and resources.

The Kymeta mTenna can also be deployed at major events, rallies and festivals to maintain connectivity when large crowds threaten to overwhelm cellular towers with traffic.

Connectivity anywhere, anytime

The KyWay terminal, powered by iDirect technology, is already gaining popularity in the maritime and government markets. With the great demand for connectivity solutions coming from the mobility market, it’s only a matter of time before the Kymeta KyWay terminal sweeps the land mobility market. Soon, truck drivers, emergency response teams, logistics teams, train passengers, and more will be able to take connectivity where it couldn’t go before.

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