EUTELSAT 25B/Es’hail 1 satellite fired up at 25.5° East

Doha, Paris, 29 October 2013 – Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL) and Es’hailSat announce that their jointly owned EUTELSAT 25B/Es’hail 1 satellite, a joint venture satellite, launched on 29 August, went into commercial service this morning at 25.5° East.

Traffic on Eutelsat’s EUTELSAT 25C satellite at 25.5° East was transferred onto Ku-band transponders commercialised by Eutelsat on the new satellite in the night of 28 to 29 October. This transfer has released EUTELSAT 25C for a new mission for Eutelsat at 33° East. It will be copositioned next month with EUTELSAT 33A at 33° East to bring additional capacity to this orbital location.

EUTELSAT 25B/Es’hail 1 brings increased capacity to 25.5° East to serve broadcasters, businesses and public agencies operating in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. The new satellite operates in both Ku and Ka-bands.

About Eutelsat Communications

With capacity commercialised on 31 satellites delivering reach of  Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, significant parts of the Americas and the Asia-Pacific, Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL, ISIN code: FR0010221234) is one of the world’s leading satellite operators. As of 30 June 2013, Eutelsat’s satellites were broadcasting more than 4,600 television channels to over 200 million cable and satellite homes in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The Group’s satellites also provide a wide range of services for TV contribution, corporate networks and fixed and mobile broadband markets. Headquartered in Paris, Eutelsat and its subsidiaries employ over 780 commercial, technical and operational professionals from 30 countries.

About Es’hailSat

Es’hailSat, the Qatar Satellite Company was established in 2010. Based in Doha, Qatar, the company will own and operate satellites to serve broadcasters, businesses and governments. Es’hail 1, which shares a spacecraft platform with the European satellite operator Eutelsat, was successfully launched on 29th August 2013. The satellite will provide television, voice, Internet, corporate and government services across the Middle East and North Africa region and beyond. Es’hail 2 is currently under development and will be located at the 26 degrees East TV broadcasting hotspot.

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