Andesat Launches First iDirect DVB-S2X Network in Latin America

VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of Vision Technologies Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that Chilean satellite service provider, Andesat, has upgraded to iDirect’s Evolution® 4.1 software, along with iDirect’s iQ Desktop Remote and Intelligent Gateway to introduce powerful new DVB-S2X networking capabilities. During network testing, over Intelsat’s IS-29 EpicNG satellite, Andesat netted a 30% efficiency improvement over previous networks.

The 30% efficiency gains were achieved using iQ Desktop remotes installed over salmon pontoons in the South Chilean ocean, allowing Andesat to operate with the majority of traffic carried on modulation and coding (MODCOD) schemes from 64APSK up to 256APSK, while closing a link with a 18.6 decibel carrier-to-noise ratio on a 1-meter maritime antenna.

Andesat serves a vast territory that includes Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, and offers satellite connectivity services to remote areas in the Andean region.

Bringing satellite communications to salmon fisheries will boost production by allowing live monitoring of critical factors which impact operations. Andesat now plans to expand DVB-S2X broadband services to other enterprise verticals, including education, fishing vessels, business offices, cellular backhaul, trains, etc.

“Efficiency gains like we achieved on the iDirect platform enable us to grow our operations and deliver a higher level of customer satisfaction,” said Pablo Rasore, President & CEO, Andesat. “This is a crucial investment in our future and builds on our existing deployment of the iDirect platform. We look forward to testing the iQ 200 for our mobility clients.”

“We are thrilled to help Andesat achieve such a tremendous increase in performance and efficiency across their network through our next-generation DVB-S2X technology,” said Darren Ludington, Regional Vice President, Americas, VT iDirect. “Andesat is an early adopter, and we applaud their pioneering spirit and willingness to constantly deliver a better customer experience through innovation and forward-looking technology solutions. Our ultimate goal is to help our customers gain an advantage in a very competitive but growing market.”


Andesat S.A. based in Chile, is a Satellite Service Provider focused in providing Value Added Services to its customers. With Teleports in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Santiago, Chile and very shortly in Lima, Peru, Andesat has coverage and is able to provide services in almost every country in Latin America. Andesat’s subsidiaries in each Country are working very closely to the end user trying to understand what the real needs are and the nature of the problems to be solved. In the knowledge that there is no solution that lasts if it’s not based in contributing to generate a more efficient operation for the Customer, which is transformed in lower costs and better competitiveness, Andesat works very hard to get to the best fixed, mobility and maritime services, delivering traditional voice and internet services as well as video, radar and IoT solutions amongst others.

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