TV and Internet for Offshore Hotel Barges

Offshore Hotel Barges have the opportunity to use High Speed Data Connectivity for their Crew and for their Passengers. As Crew often spend a long time on board without the opportunity to contact home or visit port a functional and affordable communication and entertainment platform becomes primordial.

Daily operations can be made more cost-efficient through the use of fixed cost data connectivity. The solution increases on-board efficiency by ensuring a permanent connection to the shore office or suppliers.

Applications: Internet connectivity, Telephony, TV Distribution
Coverage: Global VSAT and TVRO

TV for Offshore Hotel Barges

  • Full selection of Satellites, Radio and TV Channels with Full HD Television reception
  • Unlimited amount of receivers as well as Media Streaming and Video on Demand options

VSAT for Offshore Hotel Barges

  • High performance broadband connectivity (up to 4Mbps and more) with unlimited data transfer
  • Fixed communications costs and Voice over IP Telephony rates make Voice and Data services affordable for Crew and Passengers
  • On-Shore technical support & management: Engine Monitoring, ECDIS Updates, Online Medical Support, ...