Satellite TV and Internet for Mega Yachts

As the center of everyone's attention your requirements for internet connection and Audio Video will have no boundaries. The communication and entertainment systems need to be up to par with the high quality and esthetic design of your yacht and accommmodate all the newest features available.

Apart from a reliable and fast internet connection you will enjoy the latest news, sports and entertainment programs anywhere on board without having to miss a single event.

The highest reliability and service are barely good enough, and you want the fastest connectivity available. Even the smallest delay or technical problem is unacceptable. On board efficiency by ensuring an always-on connection to the rest of the world is a conditio sine qua non.

Satellite TV and AV for Mega Yachts

  • Full selection of Satellites with Radio and TV Channels in Full HD Reception
  • Unlimited amount of Televisions as well as Media Streaming and Video on Demand options

Satellite Communication for Mega Yachts

  • High performance broadband connectivity (up to 20Mbps and more) with Unlimited Data transfer
  • Voice over IP Telephony and Data services for Passengers and Crew with near global coverage
  • A 120cm VSAT Antenna for Data Communication and 120cm TVRO antenna for TV reception will cover the major shipping routes.
  • For a complete global coverage and no interruption of service during very heavy rain we recommend installing a C-Band