Satellite TV and Internet for Barges / Inland Shipping

Satmarin™ offers budget conscious inland shipping barges the opportunity to enter the broadband arena whilst providing excellent reliability where 3G/4G coverage is inexistant or too expensive.

The reliable and fast connectivity and fixed monthly pricing give you and your crew more freedom to contact home or work and never lose contact with friends and family.

Applications: Internet connectivity, Telephony, TV reception
Coverage: Regional coverage VSAT and TVRO

Inland shipping TV Antennas

  • 45-60cm Antenna depending on the available space on your yacht. You will be able to receive all satellite signals in your region for this antenna size.
  • Radio and TV Channels are available 24/7 for your pleasure.
  • Full HD Television reception
  • 3 or more TVs/decoders can be connected to a single antenna

Inland shipping VSAT Antennas

  • Always on Internet offers you the freedom to be connected at all time.
  • High Performance broadband connectivity is available with speeds up to 8 Mbps and more.
  • Unlimited Data prevents you from ever being limited in the data you need to transfer.
  • Predictability with fixed communications costs so you never have to worry about your 'internet bill'.