Satellite TV and Internet for Trawlers and Fishing Ships

Satmarin™ offers budget conscious medium and large trawlers the opportunity to enter the broadband arena whilst providing the reliability and functionality expected of systems for large commercial and military vessels. The reliable and fast connectivity and fixed monthly pricing give you and your crew more freedom to contact home or work and never lose contact with friends and family.

Applications: Internet connectivity, Telephony, TV reception
Coverage: Regional coverage VSAT and TVRO

TV Antennas for Fishing Trawlers

  • A 45-100 cm TVRO Antenna will offer a selection of Satellite Radio and TV Channels (Full HD Television reception)
  • An unlimited amount of receivers can be installed as well as Media Streaming and Video on Demand options

VSAT Antennas for Fishing Trawlers

  • A 60-120 cm Satellite Antenna, depending on the region covered for chosen satellites
  • Always on Internet with Unlimited Data transfer at a Fixed Costs
  • Affordable Voice over IP Telephony and Data services for Crew
  • 24/7 On-Shore technical support & management, Engine Monitoring, ECDIS Updates, Online Medical Support, ...