Satellite TV and Internet for Cruise Ships

General Considerations

The Highest reliability and service are barely sufficient for your needs because you require the fastest connectivity available to serve your hundreds or thousands of guests. Even the smallest delay or technical problem cannot be afforded and on board efficiency ensuring an always-on connection to the rest of the world is a conditio sine qua non.

High bandwidth and Flat Fee pricing will allow increased productivity and will result in a better communication and reduced cost compared to any other solution in the market.

Because of its high bandwidth and global coverage capabilities it is ideal for the cruise market offering passengers and crew all the possibilities of IP.

Enables economical tracking, internet and e-mail access for operational and crew use.

Because of the high level specifications that go with the requirements for Cruise Ships' Data Communication needs it would be presumptuous to propose a standard solution on our website. We do however invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Applications: Internet connectivity, Telephony, TV Distribution
Coverage: Global and Regional high volume VSAT and TVRO
Antenna Types:Ku and C-Band (Data) & Ku and C-Band (TV)

Cruise Ship TV

  • 120-150cm Ku-Band and 240-300cm Ku/C-Band for Regional and Global Coverage
  • Full selection of Satellites for Radio and HD TV Channels
  • Unlimited amount of receivers/decoders
  • Video Matrix, Media Streaming and Video on Demand options

Cruise Ship VSAT

  • 120-150cm Ku-Band and 240-300cm Ku/C-Band for Regional and Global Coverage
  • High performance broadband connectivity with Unlimited Data Volume
  • Predictability with fixed communications costs
  • Voice and Data services for Crew and Passengers