Maritime Regional or Global VSAT

Regional or Global Internet Coverage

Regional or Global Maritime Satellite Coverage will mostly be chosen based on the regions you will be active in. It is however sometimes possible to create your own geographical footprint and not pay for coverage you don't need.

Regional Maritime Satellite Internet

Regional coverage can be a very small Ka Spot Beam directed to maybe the 100km radius where you have your activities or it can as well cover a whole continent. These differences will influence the cost and availability of coveage in your specific region.

The Satellite market is a very dynamic one, where satellites are added and some are at the end of their lifespan. Regional conflicts can take up or free huge amounts of bandwidth in a very short time and it is therefore always wise to see what is available regionally and if it can fit your needs.

Regional VSAT in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Regional VSAT in the Americas

Regional VSAT in Asia

Especially if you are managing several vessels you might benefit from making your own aggregated coverage, offering redundancy and manageability while still paying regional rates; Contact Satmarin for an In-Depth Analysis

Global Maritime Satellite Internet

If your requirements take you globally and regional coverage is not suitable for your application then you can opt for Global Maritime VSAT. It will allow medium to broadband speeds and cover most of teh major shipping lanes worldwide. If truly high speed VSAT is required Globally then you should look into C-Band connectivity which will work everywhere except for the polar regions.