Satellite TV Footprints

Maritime Satellite TV

All satellite Beams have a "footprint" and the further you get away from the center of the footprint or beam, the weaker the signals are going to be, and the larger the dish you will need in order to receive a clear picture. This works much like the beam of light coming from a flashlight in a dark area.

The maps below show which regions are covered by a specific satellite beam. For a larger view click on the image.

How to choose a Maritime Satellite TV Antenna

Satellite TV Footprints

Satellite TV Channels are in constant evolution, whether they are switching from SD to HD, from one satellite to the next or just changing their frequency, it is a huge task to keep up with all these changes.

To find out on which satellite your TV Package is check the Package Satellite list. Or which footprint is covered by a specific satellite beam.

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