Maritime Satellite Solution


Satmarin is specialized in Maritime VSAT/TVRO Solutions and has a strong IT background which cannot be ignored when setting up a viable network connection over a satellite link.

We deliver total solutions for your vessels whether you need TV, Data or both and pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our customers.


  • Airtime selection depending on the coverage and speeds needed, whether regional or global.

  • Satellite antenna selection to match existing and future requirements.

  • ICT on board integration of the internet connection: modems, routers, firewalls, gateway anti-virus, gateway anti-spam, intrusion prevention, user access control, bandwidth management, servers and workstations, telephony, ... and much more

  • Proactive monitoring and support of your connections and installations

The Satmarin Choice

Unlike many other providers of VSAT solutions Maritime Satellite Communication is our core business and not something we do 'on the side'. Satmarin is fully dedicated in providing you with the solution you need.

We do not believe in a 'one size fits all' solution and we will always take the necessary time and effort to look at all specific needs before making a proposal.

Satmarin will assist you (to the extent of your requirements) in the configuration your on board network and work with your IT department.


Whereas television has been part of our daily lives for over half a century the omnipresence of data connectivity has only recently been so tangible. Wherever we go, even in the most remote locations, we are expecting to be connected to the world and in permanent 24/7 contact with loved ones, professional relations, information sources and online services.

The global adoption of smart portable devices has revolutionized the way we communicate on a permanent basis with our surroundings. We are no longer expecting communication when it become available, we want it here and we want it now.

Over the last few years this evolution has been especially true in the maritime world. It has become increasingly more difficult for commercial shipping companies to attract new (younger, tech savvy) crew without near offering them permanent data communication. The luxury yacht world, once the summum of being disconnected from the world, has now fallen prey to the omnipresent multi- and social media connections by all age groups.

Not only have we become almost permanently connected to the internet but we have been with multiple devices at the same time and at higher and higher speeds.

What does this mean for you?

Be smart about it. At Satmarin we have a 'holistic' approach to data communication. Before decisions are made about antenna sizes, modems, firewalls and other tidbits we want to think with you about what you really really need and not what you think you want because some major SatCom vendor has been telling you so.

You are unique: your vessel, your crew, your guests, your routes, your plans, your wishes, ... they all converge to a solution specifically designed for you without trying to break the bank or having to stand on the upper deck with an antenna in your hand to catch the harbour's WiFi.

What's next?

There is a lot out there and we have tried to make it as accessible as possible. If you are a Communication professional you will immediately be able to see our broad equipment portfolio as well as our extensive airtime offerings. If satellite communication is not your forte then we invite you to read our Satellite Communication at Sea page or if you are looking for the solution to watch TV and more on board

This is wat we do, this is what we love to do.

The Satmarin Team