Digital TV Headend

Digital Satellite TV Headend

Satmarin Video Solutions provide perfect building blocks for cost effective video and data delivery without compromising quality and ease of usage - the factors we see essential in environments where technology has to be easy to adopt and to operate.

The Headend system offers a high quality modulation from DVB-S/S2 into DVB-C (QAM). The system consists of a 19" Base Unit and can accommodate two different card types with or without decoder.

The Satmarin Digital Satellite TV Headend Solution will unlike typical Headend systems offer you:

  • Unlimited Free-to-Air on every TV + Selected amount of Subscription Channels for all
  • Unlimited Free-to-Air and Subscription channels for selected TVs
  • Unlimited amount of TVs
  • Coax Cable based solution

Satellite TV Distribution

Offshore Satellite TV Headend

Combined Head-End DVB-C and DVB-S/S2

Typical Head-End solutions will offer you a limited amount of FTA (Free-to-Air) channels and Subscription channels depending on the amount of decoders and subscriptions available.

Depending on the type of TVs you have we can offer you:

  • Many more FTA channels for digital TVs without satellite decoder
  • Unlimited FTA channels for digital TVs with internal or external satellite decoder
  • Higher amount of Subscription channels (depending on the satellite you are using)

All these solutions use the same cabling and are available for small to very large deployments.