KNS Supertrack A12

KNS Supertrack A12

The SuperTrack A-Series antennas were specifically designed for the European market.  They support various applications including internet access, email, data transfer capabilities, web surfing, VolP VPN security, etc while still remaining budget friendly.

The A-Series is suitable for merchant vessels, work boats, short sea shipping, fishing trawlers, inland shipping and smaller yachts with normal internet use for about 5-6 people on a daily basis.

The Supertrack A12 model is recommended for vessels navigating on the edge of the footprint where reception can be difficult, especially in rough weather.  This antenna model is also suitable for using the Newtec platform in West Africa.  Contact us for more information.

Technical Specifications

  • Application: Data Communication

  • Radome Height: 163 cm

  • Radome Diameter: 161 cm

  • Parabola Diameter: 120 cm

  • Weight: 105 kg

  • Radome Material: Honeycomb FRP

  • Axis: 3

  • Skew: Automatic

  • Elevation: -20 to +110 Deg.

  • Azimuth: Unlimited

  • Min EIRP: 41 dBW

  • RX Gain: 40,95 dBi

  • TX Gain: 42,87 dBi

  • G/T: 19,95 dB/K (in radome)

  • BUC: 0.5W or 0.8W (Optional)

  • LNB: iLNB

  • ACU size: 1U

  • Gyro: NMEA, Step-By-Step, Synchro

  • Power: 100 to 240V

  • ACU Comm: RS-232, mini USB, Ethernet TCP/IP


Alternative models

Satellite Coverage with KNS Supertrack A12