Intellian v240C

Intellian v240C

The Intellian v240C C-band is newest addition to Intellian's line of VSAT Satellite Antennas, featuring patented automatic switching between circular and linear polarization, high-gain parabolic ring focus components, and an ultra-wide elevation angle that enables superb connectivity virtually anywhere you go, even in extremely low and high latitude regions.

The v240C requires minimal involvement to commission, is easy to operate, and is simple to upgrade and manage. Each unit comes preloaded with a ready-to-use, client-customized library that can be conveniently tailored further via PC software (also included with the unit), and firmware updates can be done entirely through the Wi-Fi ACU.

  •  2.4m (94”) C-band 3-axis VSAT antenna system
  •  1 piece, high gain parabola ring focus antenna
  •  New patent pending technology, allowing auto-switching between circular and linear polarization
  •  Lighter than the competitor’s system without sacrificing strength and rigidity using a carbon fiber composite reflector
  •  Built-in brakes on the elevation and cross-level motors
  •  Supports extremely high and low elevation angles (-15° to +120°)
  •  Simply configured with various BUC options (25W ? 200W)
  •  Exceeds military grade vibration and shock standards
  •  Supports ACU operation via Wi-Fi with built-in web-based remote control management
  •  Supports various modem interface formats (Ethernet, Console, RS232)
  •  Dual built-in GPS to prevent loss of position due to antenna blockage
  •  Optional internal air conditioner if required

Technical Specifications

  • Application: Data Communication

  • Radome Height: 352 cm

  • Radome Diameter: 330 cm

  • Parabola Diameter: 240 cm

  • Weight: 685 kg

  • Radome Material:

  • Axis: 3

  • Skew: Automatic

  • Elevation: -15 to +120 Deg.

  • Azimuth: Unlimited

  • RX Gain: 38,55 dBi

  • TX Gain: 41,9 dBi

  • G/T: 20 dB/K (in radome)

  • ACU size: 1U

  • Gyro: NMEA / Synchro

  • Power: 100~240 V AC, 50~60 Hz

  • ACU Comm: 19200bps 8,N,1,EIA,RS-232C


Alternative models

Satellite Coverage with Intellian v240C