Intellian v110

Intellian v110

The Intellian v110 is a 1.05 meter Ku-band marine VSAT communication antenna system. With its 3-axis stabilized platform and enhanced vibration and shock damping design, the v110 can perform extremely well on all types of ships that require "always on" and "high quality" broadband communications no matter how rough the weather and sea conditions are. The v110 can be easily configured for SCPC, broadband or hybrid satellite networks with iDirect, Comtech Vipersat, and Hughes satellite modems with ABS (Automatic Beam Switching) capability. The v110 is suitable for high-speed internet, weather & chart updates, email, file and image transfer, video conference, VoIP, VPNs and database backup.

The v110 has an unlimited azimuth range for continuous tracking without unwrapping the cables in the antenna. The wide elevation range from -15 to 120 degrees enables the v110 to have seamless signal reception while the vessel is traveling near the equator or Polar Regions.

The v110 meets the FCC's 2-degree spacing requirement and is built with Intellian's extremely high vibration and shock standards. The simple design of the v110 offers lighter weight and greater reliability than any competitor's system in its class. With easiest installation design and most-user friendly interface you can find in the market, the v110 guarantees that you will have a whole new broadband experience at sea.

Technical Specifications

  • Application: Data Communication

  • Radome Height: 151 cm

  • Radome Diameter: 146,5 cm

  • Parabola Diameter: 105 cm

  • Weight: 139,5 kg

  • Radome Material:

  • Axis: 3

  • Skew: Automatic

  • Elevation: -15 to +120 Deg.

  • Azimuth: Unlimited

  • RX Gain: 39,8 dBi

  • TX Gain: 41,7 dBi

  • ACU size: 1U

  • Gyro: NMEA / Synchro

  • Power: 100~240 V AC, 50~60 Hz

  • ACU Comm: 19200bps 8,N,1,EIA,RS-232C


Alternative models

Satellite Coverage with Intellian v110