Intellian i6PE

Intellian i6PE

Intellian's i6PE is specifically designed for vessels traveling near polar regions. Unlike other antenna systems, the i6PE's 60cm reflector boasts a wide elevation range from -15 to +90 degrees. Additionally, the i6PE includes an integrated Auto Skew Angle Control system and a precise GPS system, which not only decreases the time necessary for satellite acquisition, but also enhances the quality of satellite reception in weak signal coverage areas.

Due to Intellian's exclusive Wide Range Search (WRS) algorithm and Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) technologies, the i6PE offers the most precise tracking capabilities and superior satellite signal quality that can be achieved in extremely rough sea conditions.

Installation of Intellian's i6PE requires only one cable between the antenna and the control unit (ACU). For installation flexibility, four satellite receivers can be connected directly to the antenna without using an extra multi-switch.

Technical Specifications

  • Application: Television Reception

  • Radome Height: 72 cm

  • Radome Diameter: 70 cm

  • Parabola Diameter: 60 cm

  • Weight: 21,7 kg

  • Radome Material:

  • Axis: 2

  • Skew: Automatic

  • Elevation: -15 to +90 Deg.

  • Azimuth: 680

  • Min EIRP: 47 dBW

  • LNB: Dual Output / Quad Output

  • ACU size: 178 x 217 x 54 mm

  • Gyro:

  • Power: DC 9.0~30.0V

  • ACU Comm: 19200bps 8,N,1,EIA,RS-232C


Alternative models

Satellite Coverage with Intellian i6PE